Ten Reasons How Internet Technology Has Conquered the Tablet Market

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According to various consumer reports, digital devices have found a significant following among kids. For instance, it was reported last year that more than 7.5 million children in the US have created a Facebook profile before the age of 13 (13 being the minimum age!)

The question arises; have digital devices, like tablet PCs, given rise to internet usage or is it internet technology that has allowed tablets to make inroads in the digital device market?

Below are 10 reasons why people use tablets, but each of these reasons assumes the presence of internet connectivity:

1. Tablets Are Portable

One of the major reasons why people use tablets is that they are portable and can be used in any possible location. However, this portability feature largely bases itself on internet technology since most professional and leisurely pursuits (checking emails, using Twitter etc.) cannot be done without a Wi-Fi connection.

2. eBook Readers

Tablets have also grown in popularity because they act as great digital readers. An increasing number of young users resort to their tablets to read books and acquire information. Once again, the internet plays its part as websites like Project Gutenberg are used to access and download eBooks.

3. Comfortable Usage

Tablets are designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hands. In addition, these devices are lightweight which makes them easy to use at various angles. That is why tablet users prefer working on these devices instead of sitting before a desktop. However, this benefit can only be realized with an internet connection.

4. Good Operating Systems

Leading operating systems like iOS and Windows RT have been developed only to enhance the tablet usage. These systems allow users to smoothly perform functions that they would otherwise do on their traditional PCs. Each OS comes with its native default browser, such Internet Explorer for Windows 8, to make internet usage enjoyable.

5. Social Networking Programs

Since tablets are designed to use Internet connectivity, they come with some nice social network apps that allow users to stay in touch with friends, family, and professional contacts. Moreover, access to cloud storage programs allows you to access your work files remotely.

6. Functionality

Being portable devices, tablets make it easy to take major functions of your PC with you wherever you go. Using the internet, you can write emails, browse the internet, and even chat on Skype regardless of the location.

7. Professional and Academic Usability

Using a tablet device with an internet connection, you can correspond with your colleagues through various social networking programs. Students can easily record lectures and even take notes and share them with their friends instantly.

8. Affordability

The market for tablets is extensive, which means you can easily find a model that fits your budget. Since internet services are also affordable, the overall tablet usage cost is minimal.

9. Entertainment

Compared to notebook computers and even laptops, tablet computers overall provide greater entertainment value, whether you are reading or watching videos on the internet.

10. Better Usage than Smart phones

Smart phones are more portable than tablets, yet imagine watching movies on long flights or taking notes during a meeting on a smart phone. In all these circumstances, tablet PCs prove to be the best choice.

It can be argued that tablets are actually influencing how people use the internet. For instance, iOS devices do not support Adobe’s Flash platform. Many websites use Flash, but owing to the popularity of Apple products, developers may have to shift to other platforms like HTML 5.

So if popular operating systems begin to narrow down the platforms they allow, the device will determine how people use the internet. But if you look at the list above, even though these benefits are inherent in the devices themselves, they will lose their effectiveness once we remove internet technology.

That is why, the weight falls on the internet. It is internet technology that has captured the tablet market and not the other way round.


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